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Tegueste - Canal de Bejía - Homicián - Punta Hidalgo

tegueste 1Today, the path we suggest, leads us from Tegueste to La Punta Hidalgo passing by Homicián and the canal de Bejía.

This path offers beautiful views and a simply amazing experience you should miss if you like hiking!

How to get there?

You start in Tegueste, at the end of Sardán street where the hike begins with a paved path with a 300 meters of soft and direct ascent that takes us to the heights of Anaga. Enjoy the views and take a lot of amazing pictures ! Then, we will find a small pine forest where we have to follow the suggested track.

After a curve on the right hand side, we'll see a track that turns to the left, which we should follow and soon we'll be in Laurisilva's forest of Anaga's massif. Then after three km we'll get to a crossing where we'll have to take the path on the left side although we see a sign that indicates that you must go straight. This sign indicates the path "Cruz del Carmen", but be careful that is not our hike!

After passing near some fallen trees, you will see some houses in ruin in the center with the small round square. Then, we've to continue going down the path until we reach the road.

Approximately 40 meters to the road, we will see a path on the left side with a cartel where is written "Punta Hidalgo" and after 1.3 km, we should get to a crossing. At this crossing, if you are acrophobic, it is better to take the left way, otherwise we can follow the right way which leads us through the channel.

The channel leads into a ravine with beautiful and spectacular views. It's really worth to go there! Don't worry, as we are walking along the wall, there is no real danger.

Then, after leaving the channel, we return to the path which we left before and after a small slope which ideal for injured knees, we will just arrive near San Mateo's church in Punta Hidalgo.

San Juan - The most expected night of the year is coming soon!

san juanOn Saturday, the 23rd of June till the morning of the 24th, we will celebrate the arrival of the summer solstice in which the worship of fire will have an important role represented by multiple bonfires in many villages of the Island of Tenerife.

The purpose of this tradition was originally "to give more energy and force to the Sun": because the days are getting shorter and shorter until the winter solstice. Furthermore, it is said that we celebrate San Juan also to leave behind the bad things and the "evil spirit" in order to be open for the good things coming in our life, which is characterised by burning old things.

It is a very recommendable moment to experience and a great possibility to share with the locals of the island the traditions, the music, and the simply unique atmosphere!

Always in line with the myth and the theme of the fire, the municipalities have different ways to celebrate this event:

- In San Juan de la Rambla and Garachico, from the beginning of the night to the next day, they light fireworks and fireballs with sacks of sawdust.

- In Icod de los Vinos, they make bonfires while waiting for the sunrise.

- In Puerto de la Cruz we celebrate the night of San Juan by making bonfire on the beach with the smell of the typical churros with some fruits, vegetables, flowersetc., and in the backgroundwe enjoy the sound of concerts. Then, in the morning, we can assist to the traditional bath of goats.

- In Santiago del Teide, the celebration will start at 19:30, with different activities on the beach of El Bajío. Then, there will be a giant paella for all the participants and bonfires all night long. To accompany the night, the orchestra Karisma will play.

If you are in Tenerife this weekend you should not miss this event, it is amazing and you will be able to experience Tenerife's spirit!

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